Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rocket Chocolate Orange Blast

This is another one of the products I received from the ever so gracious I regretted coming to these for two reasons. First reason is that how in the heck is my piece of junk camera gonna get a picture of something that small. As you can see, I just lined em all up and snapped a pic. The other reason is that I really dont like flavored chocolate. I never could bring myself to enjoy Russel Stovers when I was younger. I sucked it up today to review a flavor of the caffeinated Rocket Chocolate.

Taste: Thank goodness, it does not suck. I picked the orange first because I felt it wouldnt suck that bad, and in all reality it didnt suck at all. I expected a cream filled piece of crap gourmet chocolate, but got a very nice lightly flavored, non cream filled chocolate instead. The orange flavoring is light and balanced out well by the chocolate. I feel that not adding alot of the orange into the flavor worked well and made a great tasting chocolate. There was no aftertaste to it, another positive. All in all, Rocket Chocolate Orange Blast exceeded my expectations in flavor and left me wanting another. Rating 7 out of 10

Buzz: I read on Energy Fiend that these only contain 42 mgs per piece despite a claim of 150. I think I will beleive Energy Fiend on this one. I still feel for a small caffeinated chocolate this is a good amount. I didnt expect anything much from these, and I got the right amount of caffeine I expected. I didnt get a real uplifting, but its chocolate. We all know if there is chocolate around you are prone to eat 5 or 6 pieces before you quit. That being said, they serve a good purpose. I cant give them a high rating, but I do beleive they are above average. Rating 6 out of 10

Overall Candy Rating 6.5 out of 10

Look: Rocket Chocolate is individually wrapped in a metallic wrapper. Each one is color coated, of course this one being orange. I think they have the right packaging for this, and draws attention nicely. When I think of chocolate like this, I see a gold wrapper that shines and stands out amongst everything out and you get that here. Its not overboard flashy, and it doesnt have a hardcore logo, but the packaging is very professional. It doesnt have a caffeine amount listed, but that is ok in this situation.

Overall Look Rating 6 out of 10

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  1. Love your blog, hate the orange colour, it's hard to read the white print over it.

    Stan Susmanon