Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Celsius Orange

I feel this review is over due by a few weeks. This is my last Celsius of the ones they sent me, and its been sitting in my fridge because I expect it to be crappy like the other sparkling flavors.

Taste: This is by far the best sparkling flavor. It is an easy to drink orange flavor, but the orange in it is weak as if though a little watered down. It has that health taste to it but it is not as evident as in the ginger ale. Rating 7 out of 10

Buzz: 1,810 mgs of energy blend in a drink designed to burn calories is pretty impressive. I had to wake up this morning and do some stuff, and I cracked this open, drank it down, and was on my way. I do wish the buzz stayed longer though. Rating 6 out of 10

Overall Drink Rating 6.5 out of 10

Look: This can is a bit boring. It is an all blue can and it has an orange strip at the top that states the flavor. Below the strip is a little orange and yellow color mixture that just stands alone. Then you have the logo, the metaplus symbol, and some info that should have been put on the back. And the back has nutrition facts and more info.

Overall Look Rating 4 out of 10

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