Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Wave... sounds like another generic Red Bull clone to me. I haven't read much about this drink but I faced myself with a choice review this or Inko's White Tea, so I instantly grabbed this and popped the top.

Taste: Red Bull clone for shure but a nice unique one. There isn't any bitterness like most but a different taste. I can't pin point what exactly makes it so unique, but I really love it. The Red Bull taste is nice and smooth and makes you want another. This is by far the one of the tastiest Red Bull clones I have had. Rating 7 out of 10

Buzz: Another positive is the nice buzz delivered by this drink. It is a more healthy drinks than most and I wasn't expecting much but got a nice buzz from it. 1,140 mgs of proprietary energy blend. Its not an ass load but enough to deliver a solid buzz and kill your fatigue. No ingredients list though so I do not know any of the amounts. Rating 6 out of 10

Overall Drink Rating 6.5 out of 10

Look: Being honest I despise this can. They do a nice job of keeping useless text from cluttering the front but that is about all they did right. The Wave logo is small and under that in a smaller text it says energy drink. That is the only major text on the front. The rest is mainly dark blue, and then some light blue, red, and silver at the bottom. They have some work to do before this can is gonna stand out.

Overall Look Rating 3 out of 10

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