Friday, January 21, 2011

Ed Hardy Chocolate Rocks

Todays review is off, it was supposed to be 3 reviews today, all of them being the 3 shots from Harcos Labs. I couldnt get a pic of the one because my piece of junk camera ran out of batteries. But, these are yet another item from the ever so gracious I can not stand Ed Hardy. I hate it with a passion. They are on alot of items now, from these to backpacks to boxers. Its ok to advertise with something, but please dont try to go over board with it, and its a shame because some of Ed Hardy's designs are pretty cool.

Taste: Well, I have a seen some good opinions and the one bad opinion by Possessed by Caffeine. I'm sorry, but I side with PBC. Dark chocolate is always something I enjoy to eat, and I mean ENJOY!! These candies are a bad attempt at dark chocolate, not as bad as I initially thought, but bad enough. Dark chocolate is a nice rich experience, but when these hit your mouth its between so, so and bad. Its is a good candy for everynow and then, but I dont see these being eaten everyday, its just not possible. Rating 5 out of 10

Buzz: Here is where they excel. These little rocks have 20 mgs of caffeine a piece, that with every piece ends up at around 600 mgs per box. This is the reason why one would buy these, not for the enjoyment of the taste, not for the fact that it has Ed Hardy stamped on it in a feeble attempt at making money, but the fact these things are a solid buzz. I had no crash after eating this surprisingly, another huge plus to these. I have to say, if you stroll to the Chem Evo website, if you buy these, its worth it for the amazing buzz. Rating 9 out of 10

Overall Candy Rating 7 out of 10

Look: As I said, these are a feeble attempt at making money, but the package is nice and very attractive. I hadn't planned on opening these as early as I did, but something drew me in and made me want them. I can see these sitting on the candy rack at a gas station, people walking by would instantly be drawn in by the cool designs and how flashy this package is. These Ed Hardy Chocolate Rocks are bad dark chocolate, a feeble marketing attempt, a damn good energy candy, and a nice looking package, but the highs exceed and win this and I say these work out as a nice product.

Overall Look Rating 8 out of 10

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