Friday, November 26, 2010


This is one of those drinks that just screams awesome. You look at this can and instantly thing, "Wow,.... Spider, must be pretty powerful." Well, my first guess when I saw it was wrong about the buzz, but right about the taste.

Taste: A very nice orange soda taste. I didn't expect orange even though the symbol was orange. I was expecting something more like a generic taste, but was quite satisfied. This drink is lightly carbonated and it just makes the orange flavor pop. The drink isn't all that great as it gets warm, but if you have any sense you'll drink it cold. Rating 7 out of 10

Buzz: 1,370 mgs of proprietary energy blend. 100mgs of taurine, 120 mgs of caffeine, 25 mgs of L-carnitina and L-glutamine, and 100 mgs of ginseng and guarana respectively. 100% vitmains b2, b3, b5, 200% vitamin b6, and 250% of vitamin b12. Not the best drink but still a nice moderate buzz. Rating 5 out of 10

Overall Drink Rating 6 out of 10

Look: I really love this can. It instantly grabs your attention. The can is black with a big orange spider up top. Then a gray spider is faded into the back ground of the can. Spider energy is written in orange font below the orange spider. On the back, you have nutrition facts, drink info, and company info all in orange font. The design is simple but attractive and works well.

Overall Look Rating 7 out of 10

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