Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Go Fast Coconut

Out of all the Go Fast drinks, this one is probably the most unique flavor. I was skeptical that this drink would succeed but after reading a few reviews of it I felt a little more comfortable with drinking it. Personally I hate coconut, which explains my skeptisism about the flavor, but I guess I have to brave my fear to review this one.

Taste: A nice carbonated coconut with a nice tart finish. The drink exceeded my expectations, but not by alot. It is one of those drinks you have to really try hard to enjoy. It isn't as sweet as I saw it being in my head which I think a little added sweetness would work well here. The after taste isnt strong but if you arent a fan of coconut you will hate it. This is by far my least favorite Go Fast. Rating 5 out of 10

Buzz: 81 mgs of caffeine like the others, but if you are new to my site I will recap everything. These drinks have a low amount of caffeine and deliver a substantial buzz. Other than caffeine there is 1,000 mgs of taurine, 91 mgs of ribose, 250 mgs of ginseng, 75 of ginkgo and guarana. The buzz is nice and decently long. Good drinks for getting hyped up. Rating 7 out of 10

Overall Drink Rating 6 out of 10

Look: Once again wrong direction. The can displays a graphic of coconuts on the side which in my opinion doesn't scream Go Fast. I am even less impressed with the text running down the side of the black half of the can. It takes up space where you could be working on making a more attractive design. The ingredients are listed on the back, always a plus in my book. This can needs some work, same with all the hybrid drinks.

Overall Look Rating 5 out of 10

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