Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Flatt Energy Cola

This can is pretty epic. It has a bunch of doodles that cover the hole face of the can and then the logo in black and silver in the center. I also find it awkward that is called Flatt and it is cola.

Taste: Cola is one of those things that not many energy companies undertake in the making of. This by far is one of the best cola drinks I have had. It tastes kinda like flat Coke but just a little carbonation. The spices that they add to cola to give it taste are well proportioned to add a nice flavor throughout. This is a solid tasting drink. Rating 8 out of 10

Buzz: This drink is about the energy you get out of a bottle of Mountain Dew. If you make a quality product like this and lable it as energy, at least have the nerve to give it some buzz. 65 mgs of caffeine thats just not good at all. Rating 2 out of 10

Overall rating 5 out of 10

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