Friday, December 10, 2010

Go Fast Berry

Well, I had planned to be the first to review this and the lemonade lime flavor, but Possessed by Caffeine reviewed the lemonade today while I wasn't around. But fortunately, I do get to beat him to this. This is one of their two new flavors. This is a combination of blueberry, raspeberry, and blackberry, which is very unique.

Taste: The initial taste is a strong, tangy berry flavor, but after that is downed you get a pretty bad after taste. The after taste didn't bother me but it bothered my friends. Some gagged, some liked it, it was pretty split. The drink itself is good, but the after taste is a bit strong. That should be toned down a bit, and then this drink would be killer. Rating 6 out of 10

Buzz: Like original this one has a solid buzz. The lift I got was virtually equivalent to that of the mother drink. This drink has one thing I like, the fact that they got a good buzz with little caffeine. When a drink can do that, you know it is run by some good people. Rating 7 out of 10

Overall Drink Rating 6.5 out of 10

Look: This one I do not like. They could of did alot with this can. They should have named the flavor with something to do with an old muscle car, and put an awesome scheme on the can, but no, instead they put it as Go Fast Berry and put a graphic of berries in the background. The can screams health drink instead of energy drink. The same use less text is on the black half, which I still think should be removed. The can is two faced though, which is ok, and they did list ingredients. I still think these drinks had so much potential in the design department.

Overall Look Rating 5 out of 10

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