Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mountain Dew White Out

Boredom. It drives me to do anything on the internet that I do. In fact, this blog was a product of boredom. I have experimented in the past with other blogs, and I have made some pointless posts on here because of this evil that plagues our lives. Most of these other blogs I have created have been real duds, this site being the only success. Wanna know whats not a dud?? Mountain Dew White Out of course. It is the victor of the most recent DEWmocracy, defeating Typhoon and Distortion to earn itself a spot in the line up. White Out is a great drink, but it wasn't my favorite, Distortion was. But White Out is here to stay, and it is just another example of how Mountain Dew is the best soda on the market, no doubt.

Taste: White Out is a smooth citrus, and a really enjoyable one. It has got to be one of the more unique citrus sodas on the market, the flavor is just so different from the usual citrus drinks. While all of this is in White Out's favor, there is a slight after taste, it isnt good, but it is really the only downside to this drink. In my opinion, White Out has definitly seperated itself from the usual idea of a citrus soda and has earned its spot in the Dew line up, though it did not earn my DEWmocracy vote. Rating 8 out of 10

Buzz: Dew is consistent with caffeine. 54 mgs per 12 oz. White Out stays true to this amount, not that anyone expected it not to. I have to say though, I applaud Dew for really setting a nice base for the energy sodas of the future to follow, and for giving us caffeine junkies a nice soda to drink when we dont feel like getting an energy drink. Dew may not be a major caffeine source, but it definitly deserves the utmost respect of all caffeine junkies and better yet a salute for being so awesome. Dew, we salute you!! Rating 4 out of 10

Overall Drink Rating 6 out of 10

Look: White Out sheds the traditional Dew style for a much more interesting look. White Out comes in a standard 12 oz can, as is custom for a Dew. It is mainly white and blue, with a nice design that I will not go into detail about. The can overall is an eye catcher, a reason I beleive boosted to its DEWmocracy win. It does everything right, lists caffeine and has a nice design, those are the main two I like to focus on. Overall, White Out is a good example of how to make a drink a success with its packaging.

Overall Look Rating 8 out of 10

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