Friday, December 17, 2010

Shock Coffee Organic Blend

I'm not totally shure if this counts as energy, but I found that Possessed by Caffeine reviewed it so I will to. The word organic usually makes people think nasty but I was more looking forward to this after my last experience with an organic item which was Hype Organic. This is USDA certafied organic coffee inside, no additives or preservatives. It has been a while since I have good pure coffee so lets get this review started.

Taste: Its a more strong coffee, pretty good actually. I didn't add sugar or creamer, I just had it black so I didn't alter the natural taste. As a black coffee, it is strong, but really nice actually. It leaves a certain dryness in your mouth but it isnt all to bad. I prefer this over the energy blend, and if you ever run across these coffees you should pick them up. They are great!!! Rating 7 out of 10

Buzz: This isnt as powerful as the other,just normal actually. It has about as much as the average cup of coffee so I will give it no buzz rating. This is more of what you would drink in an early morning to get a slight lift.

Overall Drink Rating 7 out of 10

Look: Like the other the packaging is quite nice. I like how the black and green look together, it is quite nice. The logo stays in the center and under that it says organic blend in a yellow font. The main body is green with a nice black zig-zag trim around the edges. This is a nice package for a brewable coffee, very professional and appealing. I like that they avoided useless text and went with a more professional approach, not many companies do that.

Overall Look Rating 7 out of 10

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