Monday, December 20, 2010

Simmer Wild Cherry

I stopped at a Spinx gas station on the way out of South Carolina and did what I always do and browsed the energy drink section. I walked to the coffee drinks and below them were two new drinks. I read that they were relaxation drinks and picked up the cherry flavor and purchased it. At first, I wondered why name it Simmer. Then I read the slogan and figured out that it meant simmer down. This is my second relaxation drink, the first being Drank, but anyway here we go.

Taste: This is like drinking a melted cherry juice pop. It has the exact tang and everything. The carbonation adds a nice flare to the wild cherry flavor and makes it a wonderful experince. There is a slight dryness left in your mouth after drinking this but it isnt bad, and that being the only problem with the flavor means that this is a solid taste. Rating 9 out of 10

Buzz: Well.... it works!!! I drank it down and was feeling quite relaxed and calm. Everything was just so peaceful other than the fact I was sick and running a 101.1 fever. I fell out like a light fairly quick and slept really great. This is probably the best a drink has ever made me feel. Rating 9 out of 10

Overall Drink Rating 9 out of 10

Look: Simmer comes in the standard 16 oz. can. The design is quite cheap and generic and could use some revising. The logo is actually pretty good with it saying Simmer and an arrow coming out and pointing down. I dont like the red strip around the top that says relaxation beverage and I hate the weird red line mixed in at the top of the can with half of the logo. The main color is a nice odd blue color which I like and they did a nice job of not cluttering the front with useless text. They did not list amounts however, and that takes some points off.

Overall Look Rating 5 out of 10


  1. i drink simmer every night after work/school that stuff is awesome, cherry is better then the grape but they're both good

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  3. It is probably OK to drink this from time to time, but probably not too often, as this is believed to cause cancer.

  4. i wish they sold it in maryland!! i hade my simmer experience in myrtle beach while on vacation and loved it!! i would love to try the cherry i had the grape