Saturday, December 11, 2010

Go Fast Lemonade Lime

This is the second of the two new Go Fasts, and I will be second to review it. The review of it I saw on Possessed by Caffeine gave me an idea of what to expect on taste. Lemonade is a flavor if not balanced just right, can be quite bad. The closest thing to a lemonade drink I have reviewed up until now is Crunk Citrus, and it wasn't all to amazing on taste so lets see if Go Fast can do a bit better.

Taste: It wasn't as bad as Big Red Boots made it sound, it was actually quite good. The flavor is nice a tangy, but tastes as if though watered down. There is no real evident after taste here, which is a good thing because the after taste killed the berry. I am quite impressed with the flavor of this drink, shure it wasnt amazing, but it was solid enough. Rating 7 out of 10

Buzz: I am drinking this in the morning time to wake up. I have had good buzzes from the previous two drink I have reviewed, and it was very impressive considering the small amount of caffeine. The thing I forgot to mention about this drink is that it is a sports energy drink as well, and it is a damn strong one at that. The sports energy drinks I have reviewed in the past are all impressive such as Hydrive and Golazo, and Go Fast is now on that list. Go Fast is a good drink to grab before heading out and doing physical activities. The reason for that is it hydrates you with electrolytes and jacks you up with energy blend, that always makes for a great drink. Rating 7 out of 10

Overall Drink Rating 7 out of 10

Look: Once again this drink has a lot of untapped potential with its packaging. I don'y like the idea of putting a graphic of fruit on the side of an energy drink called Go Fast. Then you could have named something persides Go Fast Lemonade Lime, come on give it a cool name related to some fast 70's muscle car or something. This drink still lists in gredients down the side which I hate, but the do list amounts on the back which is a positive.

Overall Look Rating 5 out of 10

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