Saturday, November 20, 2010

NRG Awards 2010

I had to delete the old posts due to some sort of problem. Here are the results.

Best Energy Shot: Xtra Grape

Best Energy Cola: Red Rock

Best Energy Juice: Monster Khaos

Best Functional Beverage: Code Blue

Best Sports Energy: Golazo

Best Special Edition Can: Crunk Who Dat?

Best Orange Flavor: Jolt Orange* *changed

Best Pomegranate Flavor: Crunk

Best Can Design: Venom Black Mamba

Best Theme: Realtree

Best Mixer: Celsius Wild Berry Powder Mixers

Best Grape Flavor: Jolt Grape

Best Cherry: Xenergy Cherry Rush

Best Citrus: Ironclad Triple Citrus

Best Berry: Ironclad Goji Berry

Best Low Carb/Sugar Free: Monster Lo Carb

Best Overall Drink: Golazo

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